Chelsea E
02:46 05 Dec 19
Nick and Shelly were always there for every concern and question (and I had many). Out of several interviews, Nick remained forefront in my mind because of his positive outlook and support. Many family law matters include high emotions and stress, mine was no exception. I am so glad I was fortunate enough to be represented by this team! They were proffessional and understanding through the entire process and were a definite reason in the positive outcome for my family. Thank you!
16:32 25 Nov 19
I highly recommend Cutrera law firm!!! Nick Cutrera is a great lawyer, he made me feel comfortable and positive right way, assured me that our case wasn’t as complicated as I thought, told us exactly what needed to be done then Shelly took care of all our paperwork, helped with any questions we had, really they both made the whole court experience easy for us. I will forever be grateful for them and their help in my case.
Carmen Hare
20:30 01 Oct 19
No need to look any further when it comes to Nick. Straight forward and and honest, will give you everything he has during your case!! He and his office staff were amazing to work with and always seemed to put us at ease during the entire process. My husband and I went for 50/50 custody for his boys and we pretty much got exactly what we wanted. We couldn’t be any happier. You will not be disappointed, promise!!!
Jason Palmer
20:26 01 Oct 19
Nick helped me with a Modification that lasted a long time. Through out the entire process I felt I was charged at a reasonable rate and always responded to in a quick and timely manner. I was never made to feel unimportant and was always heard and given straight forward advise. I had been in a very lop sided agreement which Nick went above and beyond my expectations and tremendously helped my outcome! I was amazed in Court with his performance! I couldnt have picked a better attorney! Thank you Nick Cutrera
Ken Keniff
06:42 22 Mar 19
Excellent Firm Nick and staff were especially helpful in resolving a unique situation for me. I would certainly recommend them highly.
Kaylyn Morris
04:09 23 Oct 18
Nick was an outstanding choice to represent our case. From our first meeting, we felt comfortable and confident that he knew what he was doing, that he cared about what we were going through, and that he was going to do his best to help us get the results we desperately needed. Nick was very meticulous in the manner in which he prepared for our case and it showed on the day of trial. He knew the facts and demonstrated his knowledge and experience of the law. His attention to detail, and timely responsiveness make him a phenomenal and trustworthy choice to be standing beside you at a time when you need it the most!
Matthew Dowd
18:41 17 Sep 18
Nick and the entire team at Cutrera Law Firm are extremely professional and a pleasure to work with. I could not recommend this Law Firm more. Your Google Search is complete! Give them a call!
Aaron Crust
13:54 13 Sep 18
I had a ticket in the Cass county area with 10 mph over speed limit. Nick and his team did a great job of setting everything up, and in my case I did not have to show up in court. They updated me the whole way with what was going on, and my ticket got reduced. The price was also very reasonable for his services. He made the process very simple and hassle free. I'd recommend him and his team to anyone!
Todd Bennett
00:24 13 Sep 18
I recently hired Nick and I was very satisfied with his law firm. Nick is very honest, fair and works diligently for your best interest. Not only is he great to deal with, but his entire staff is awesome! They are truly a great team. I was impressed with the professionalism and how I was treated. I strongly recommend Nick as a family law attorney.
Deion Whitney
15:12 30 Aug 18
I highly recommend Cutrera law firm! They get the job done and have outstanding service.
Jill Mitchell
15:54 01 Jun 18
I highly recommend Nick Cutrera as a divorce attorney. He is honest and will tell you what is best (even if it's not what you want to hear). He helped me through a very trying divorce that should have been simple. He kept me calm and he listened to what I had to say. He knows what he is doing and I will recommend him to anyone I see asking for a referral. Thank you to Nick and his staff!
David Wheeler
17:17 28 Mar 18
Highly Recommended!!! Had a great experience with the work I've had done. Mr. Cutrera and his staff are wonderful to work with. His knowledge and guidance has been the difference maker in the outcome of my legal cases he has represented me in. His staff also gave me personal care and support, which was amazing during very trying times.
19:44 18 Jan 18
Mr. Cutrera helped me gain sole legal and physical custody of my children in a contested custody case. He and his staff were very attentive and responsive to all of my questions. Mr. Cutrera's motions to the Court were concise and effective. His performance in trial was excellent. He is very knowledgeable of Missouri law.
Kristi Stockton
20:11 03 Feb 15
Nick Cutrera and his staff are not only competent and knowledgeable about the legal process, they are wonderful people. They guide you through the process and do what needs to be done for their clients. I would recommend Cutrera Law Firm.