Cutrera Law Firm is a Kansas City personal injury law firm. We handle personal injury claims in Kansas City, Missouri. If you have been injured, your number one priority should be to take care of yourself. You need to get the medical attention and treatment that you need to recover. You need to pay your medical bills. You need to adjust to deal with your injuries and the permanent disabilities and life restrictions that sometimes accompany them. Cutrera Law Firm is experienced in Kansas City personal injury law.

Often, one is injured through little or no fault of their own; the responsibility (liability) rests with another. For example, in the case of many auto collisions, the responsible party is another driver or an auto manufacturer. There are very few unavoidable accidents. In most cases, injuries could have been avoided had one party exercised due care in their actions. If you are in an auto accident and need an attorney, call Cutrera Law Firm of Kansas City at 816-525-1555.

Prior to starting my own firm in Kansas City, I represented many large corporations and insurance companies in defending themselves and their assureds against personal injury claims and lawsuits. I can tell you that corporations and insurance companies care little about the pain and suffering that you have to endure as a result of their or their assureds’ negligence. Their primary concern is protecting their financial bottom line by avoiding liability all together or by minimizing their payout to you. They are NOT focused on helping you recover from your pain and suffering or putting your life back in order.

That’s why you need a Kansas City personal injury attorney that will effectively put your interests first and that can take your case to trial if the responsible party or its insurer refuses to make things right. If you need a personal injury attorney in Kansas City, please set up an appointment with me for a consultation. I will let you know if I will take your case. I do not take every personal injury case. We are not a law firm “mill” seeking profits through low-quality volume service. We realize the importance of the legal matters in our clients’ lives. Thus, we limit our number of cases so that we can devote the attention to our Kansas City personal injury clients that is essential for quality representation and justice.

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