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U.S. News & World Report and Best Lawyers publicly announce the Eighth Edition of the “Best Law Firms” rankings. Congratulations to Cutrera Law Firm on being included in this elite and extremely impressive group.

Firms included in the 2018 “Best Law Firms” list are recognized for professional excellence with persistently impressive ratings from clients and peers.

The 2018 rankings are based on the highest number of participating firms and highest number of client ballots on record. To be eligible for a ranking, a firm must have a lawyer listed in The Best Lawyers in America, which recognizes the top 4 percent of practicing attorneys in the U.S.


Best Lawyers is the oldest and most respected attorney ranking service in the world. For more than 30 years, Best Lawyers has assisted those in need of legal services to identify the attorneys best qualified to represent them in distant jurisdictions or unfamiliar specialties. Best Lawyers lists are published in leading local, regional, and national publications across the globe. The Best Lawyers in America list recognizes the very best lawyers in each practice area and metropolitan region in the country.

The 2018 “Best Law Firms” rankings can be seen in their entirety by visiting

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Nick Cutrera Honored with KC Business Journal’s “Best of the Bar” Distinction for 7th Time

Nick Cutrera has received the Kansas City Business Journal’s 2016 “Best of the Bar” distinction. Each year, lawyers are asked to vote for their metro-area peers whom they consider the top attorneys in the Kansas City area. No attorney can make the list based solely on votes from others at the same firm.

It is the 7th time that Nick has received the honor. “I am once again honored to receive this award from my peers. I will continue to strive to provide outstanding service to my clients.”

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Nick Cutrera Has Been Nominated and Accepted as 2016 AIOFLA’S
10 Best in Missouri For Client Satisfaction.

The American Institute of Family Law Attorneys has recognized the exceptional performance of Missouri’s Family Law Attorney Nick Cutrera as 2016 10 Best Family Law Attorney for Client Satisfaction.
The American Institute of Family Law Attorneys is a third-party attorney rating organization that publishes an annual list of the Top 10 Family Law Attorneys in each state. Attorneys who are selected to the “10 Best” list must pass AIOFLA’s rigorous selection process, which is based on client and/or peer nominations, thorough research, and AIOFLA’s independent evaluation. AIOFLA’s annual list was created to be used as a resource for clients during the attorney selection process.

One of the most significant aspects of the selection process involves attorneys’ relationships and reputation among his or her clients. As clients should be an attorney’s top priority, AIOFLA places the utmost emphasis on selecting lawyers who have achieved significant success in the field of Family Law without sacrificing the service and support they provide. Selection criteria therefore focus on attorneys who demonstrate the highest standards of Client Satisfaction.

We congratulate Nick Cutrera on this achievement and we are honored to have him as a 2016 AIOFLA Member.

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For the second consecutive year, Nick Cutrera has been selected as one of the Top 100 Family lawyers in the State of Missouri by The American Society of Legal Advocates. ASLA’s selection of the top lawyers is the culmination of an annual process in which it researches information on tens of thousands of lawyers and selected less than 1.5% of lawyers overall nationwide.

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Nick Cutrera has received the Kansas City Business Journal’s 2015 “Best of the Bar” distinction. Each year, lawyers are asked to vote for their metro-area peers whom they consider the top attorneys in the Kansas City area. No attorney can make the list based solely on votes from others at the same firm. It is the 6th time that Nick has received the honor. “It means a lot to me to receive the “Best of the Bar” honor when it comes from such a talented legal community.”

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Whether you’ve been injured as result of a car accident, fall at the local market or a bite by a neighbor’s pit bull, you may be asking yourself, “Should I Sue?” Most people think they should, and that a sizable settlement payment will be forthcoming.

In our legal system, a negligent party is expected to pay for damages you incurred because of the accident or injury, such as medical costs, lost income, property damage, and pain and suffering. In certain cases, punitive damages may be awarded if a person’s conduct was malicious or intentional. Nevertheless, just because you have been injured does not necessarily mean that you should file a lawsuit, a decision which rests on multiple factors.

Such factors include the seriousness of your injury, the level of fault that rests with the negligent party, and your own liability for involvement in the accident or causing your own injury. One of the biggest considerations, however, is whether the wrongdoer has the financial means to pay any judgment that you may be awarded. If the defendant is insolvent, your judgment may prove to be worthless – but your attorney and other professionals involved in your case will expect to be paid.

Accordingly, insurance coverage is a significant consideration. Although the defendant may have few assets from which to collect a future judgment, there may be sufficient insurance coverage available to pay any eventual judgment. Note, however, that most insurance policies typically do not cover intentional torts.

An experienced personal injury attorney can help you review the various risks and benefits of pursuing a lawsuit, in light of your specific circumstances. Before deciding whether to undertake the time and expense of litigation, you must carefully weigh your involvement in any comparative or contributory negligence, what evidence will be necessary to prove your case and the amount of damages you should be awarded, and the availability of assets or insurance to secure payment of a future judgment.

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Nick A. Cutrera was honored as one of the Best of the Bar for 2014. Each year, lawyers are asked by the Kansas City Business Journal to vote for their metro-area peers whom they consider the top attorneys in Kansas City. The Journal publishes the list of honorees each September. The list is meant to be used as a resource for anyone needing legal services as well as a showcase for the area’ stop talent. This is the fifth time that Nick has earned the recognition. Nick says “It’s a great honor to be included in the Best of the Bar. Kansas City has a wonderful and talented legal community and I’m proud to be a part of it.”

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Nick A. Cutrera was elected President of the Eastern Jackson County Bar Association at its annual meeting on May 2, 2013. His term will run until next May. The Eastern Jackson County Bar Association is a professional association for members of the Missouri Bar that practice in the Kansas City metropolitan area, including eastern Jackson County.

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Each year, in and around the Lee’s Summit area, the U.S. Commerce Association chooses only the best local businesses to be recognized as the “Best of Lee’s Summit”. The companies chosen exemplify the best of small business; often leading through customer service and community involvement.  Nick Cutrera has received the 2014 Best of Lee’s Summit- Divorce Lawyer award.

The Law Offices of Nick A. Cutrera, LLC is among a very small group of companies that have won the Best of Lee’s Summit Award in consecutive years. This distinction resulted in its earning the Lee’s Summit Business Hall of Fame distinction.

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If circumstances have required you to get involved in litigation, you may find the process of selecting an attorney to be overwhelming.  There are, however, some steps you can take to make the selection process a bit easier.

First, you should consider hiring someone who emphasizes in your type of case. If you had an automobile accident, consider hiring an attorney who practices personal injury law and preferably one with a track record of success in car accident cases. We have a proven track record in car accident cases.

Since you and the attorney you choose will be working very closely together, it’s important to choose someone with whom you feel comfortable.   For us, this factor works both ways- we only represent people with whom we are comfortable as well.  If we can’t trust our client, a jury won’t trust our client.  How long has the attorney been practicing law? We have over 20 years of experience.  Has the attorney ever handled a case like yours before? We’ve handled all types of personal injury and premise liability cases, especially car accidents, slip and falls, and other negligence cases.  How much are fees and how are they paid? Does the attorney seem like he or she is concerned about your case? Does the attorney seem knowledgeable about the area of law?   Does the attorney articulate himself clearly and effectively?  Does he have a credible and trustworthy demeanor?  Remember, a judge or jury may be making the same assessments down the line.

With respect to fees, most attorneys will take a personal injury case on a contingency basis, meaning that you only pay if they succeed.  In addition to contingency fee structure, you should also be aware that many attorneys will bill for “out of pocket expenses” such as $0.25 per page for photocopies, $1.00 per page for faxes and cost of hiring experts and consultants.  Unlike some firms, we do NOT charge for photocopies or faxes.  If you’re involved in a commercial or contract dispute, most such cases are billed on an hourly basis.  If you’re a plaintiff, a hybrid fee structure whereby you would pay a lower hourly fee but provide the lawyer with a percentage of the settlement may be an interesting option.

It’s also a good idea to find out how long the attorney believes the case will take. Obviously, many factors are beyond your attorney’s control, but you should be able to determine a general timeline and what type of resources the attorney will commit to your case.   It’s also important to know how you will be kept updated throughout the proceeding. It can be very frustrating if your attorney does not keep you informed on the status of your case. Ask the attorney how he or she plans to communicate with you and how often you can expect a status report.

You can also research the attorney.  Has the attorney been recognized by his peers, clients, or professional organizations for his or her skills.   You can find out a lot about an attorney online at websites like or  Remember, a satisfied former client is almost always your best source of information.

Choosing an attorney is a important decision and should not be based upon advertising alone.  It’s important to sit down with the attorney and get a feel for him or her to make sure the relationship is the right fit for your case.